The second in our seven part series of how to spot a healthy forest

Economic productivity

Haydens (1) Young staff (2) March 2016.pngA healthy forest is highly productive, yielding an ample supply of timber without compromising its ability to produce in the future. Achieving this health is directly related to how the forest is managed—how materials are harvested and replenished. In addition to reforestation, there is a growing trend toward private native forestry or the planting of new forests on non-forested lands to take some of the production pressure off of existing forests, or to help reduce harmful soil erosion.

In NSW alone, the industry is a major employer utilizing more than 22,000 people and supporting many regional communities.Because those in the forest industry work with nature to earn their livelihood, they must respect the integrity of the land with an eye towards the long term. Thus they mostly see themselves as faithful stewards of a limited natural resource to be used not only to support their own family, but to be nurtured and protected for future generations as well.

Image - Darrell Hayden together with young staff being trained at Haydens Sawmill, Telegraph Point