The North Coast Forests Taskforce is an industry based initiative comprising representatives from Forests NSW, the Australian Forest Products Association, the Timber NSW, the Institute of Foresters of Australia, industry representatives from across the North Coast of NSW and the broader community.

The mission of the Taskforce is to substantially improve community understanding of, support for and confidence in, the environmentally sustainable management of North Coast forests and their timber products.

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timber from sustainably managed forests like those on the North Coast of NSW can often be better than carbon neutral

medium_Images Thermal Insulation.jpg

Wood has the best thermal insulation properties of any mainstream construction material.

large_Image - Biochar, 8 September, 2014.jpg

residues from forest and wood products hold great potential for energy production - a significantly improved alternative to fossil-fuels

large_Image - Coffs Harbour Hardwoods - Tallowwood beams.jpg

wood has the lowest embodied energy of any mainstream building material

medium_Bago Woodworks Chest of Drawers.jpg

growing trees absorb carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere, storing it for life as carbon in wood, leaves and other organic material.

Wood uses little energy to produce.jpg

Wood uses much less energy compared to other popular building materials

image - one tree can yield countless products 22 July,2014.jpg

timber has an endless variety of applications, indoor, outdoor, decorative or structural

large_Image Flooded Gum 29 July, 2014_0.jpg

Less than 10% of forested land in NSW is managed by Forestry Corporation, with only 0.1%, of that area, harvested for renewable timbers pa

medium_Image - Street View 15 July, 2013.jpg

for every tonne of wood produced, 1.8 tonnes of carbon dioxide is taken from the atmosphere

medium_image - coffs harbour floors, arrawarra-bay 9 Dec, 2013.jpg

removing carbon from the atmosphere is one of the most important we can do to reduce climate change. Up to 50% of the weight of dry wood is carbon, absorbed from the atmosphere by growing trees pa

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