Doyen of the North Coast industry retires after 17 years

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Source - Timber Communities Australia

Timber Communities Australia pays tribute to Mr Colin Wooster, a stalwart of the NSW north
coast timber community from Casino, NSW, who retires today after a life time working in
timber. Image is of Col Wooster after 17 years at Hurford Hardwoods at Casino.
To mark the World Wood Day on 21s March, TCA is celebrating the achievements of the
dedicated men and women working in this proud sector across Australia. They produce
wonderful timber products that make up much of Australia’s contemporary and heritage built
landscape. So many beautiful cottages and houses, schools, bridges, community halls,
wharves, fences, sporting field grandstands, railway stations, signs and furniture contain
timber from the carefully managed forests we love.
World Wood Day is the perfect reminder that timber is carbon and environmentally friendly.
Australia has rigorous forest management and harvesting laws, with internationally
recognised and accredited forestry practices. Our people in this industry want others to know
these things.
Colin is clocking off from 17 years of loyal service with the Casino sawmill owned by Hurford
Hardwoods. He began in the timber industry in 1964 following in his father’s footsteps. He
has given a lifetime of service to the industry and was presented with a Seniors Local
Achievement Award this week for his efforts with local community activities. “That was a
shock to be honest,” he said, “I do things because I want to, not for pats on the back.”
Colin’s yard receives the raw material timbers ready for milling and conversion into beautiful
hardwood timber flooring. “Thousands of Australian homes, apartments, office and other
public buildings would feature flooring which Colin and his team has played a part in
producing,” said Ms Murray.
Colin points to much higher regulation and Codes of Conduct now, compared to when he
started out, plus modern, safer equipment.
“We congratulate Colin wholeheartedly, as he hands over the management reins of the log
yard which he’s held for so long. We also join Colin in the hope that the younger people
following in his footsteps can have a bright future.”
If you use timber in your home you are being environmentally friendly and tapping into three
carbon positives, “I call it ‘threes from trees’, says Ms Murray. “One - the growing trees take
in and store carbon dioxide. Two - the furniture and other wood products made from the
harvested trees keep on storing carbon. Three – every Australian tree commercially
harvested is replaced with another seed or seedling to grow the next tree. So the positive
carbon cycle keeps going.”
Happy World Wood Day!

Timber Communities Australia (TCA) is the national voice of Timber communities across Australia and adds weight to their local efforts. TCA has a proud history as the voice of local communities.