Timber Training Opportunities and the Gottstein Trust

The Gottstein Trust (link below) is offering a Forest Science Course in February, 2015 as a "Taster of Forestry". The course will provide anyone working in the industry with an understanding of the method and logic behind forest planning . Topics covered include "the importance of forestry world-wide", and "how to measure a tree and other topics included in a forestry degree.

The Joseph William Gottstein Memorial Trust Fund was established in 1971 as a national education trust to promote the development of Australia’s forest products industry through the pursuit of excellence in people, processes and products.

The Gottstein Trust provides financial support to people employed in the industry who wish to further their education, develop new skills and continue contributing to the industry through their professional development. This is primarily achieved through the awarding of fellowships for international study tours as well as the provision of focused short courses.

Over the years more than 100 Fellowships have been awarded to members of the industry, many of whom now have senior responsibility for many forestry or forest products organisations. The Gottstein Trust aims to maintain it’s relevance to the forest products industry continuing to provide opportunities for people to develop themselves and their industry.