Foley's Plan Provocative, Unnecessary and Unscientific

Escarpment Scene, 8 March, 2013.jpgCompelling letter from Douglas Head in Port News. Please share!

"Labor's Premier-on-Offer for the March election has reverted to the now two decade-old Bob Carr formula of appealing to the city-based Greens for preferences by sacrificing regional jobs and scientific credibility. His North Coast Great Koala Park proposal is intentionally provocative, just as it is unnecessary and unscientific.
It will inevitably have a devastating local impact on forestry jobs, public and private, both directly and indirectly. The promised tourism returns will not eventuate just as they did not under Unsworth or Carr.
The coalition may have been asleep at the wheel but Foley's grand vision is to continue the regionally damaging nonsense of the past.
This is Labor coming up with a last minute, lazy and hypocritical proposal that is job destroying and does no more than hand its economic credentials over to the Greens.
More of the past from a "new" leader. So much for the new rhetoric"