Sustainable consumerism

medium_image Brom display (1) 13 jan, 2015.jpgSustainable consumerism isn’t just about throwing your glass bottles into the yellow recycling bin. Nor is it only about shopping at the Farmers’ market. Sustainable consumerism involves every aspect of our lives, including buying furniture and building materials made from North Coast timber.

North Coast forests give us beauty, biodiversity and life. In turn, our forests are maintained with thoughtful planning and nurturing of our valuable native tree species such as blackbutt, tallowwood and flooded gum.

Increasing the demand for local timber products starts a chain reaction of increased jobs for harvesting teams, saw mill operators, manufacturers, craftspeople, retailers, ecologists and more.

The North Coast Timber Taskforce believes the opportunity for locally grown and manufactured products is perhaps greater than ever. The environmental and societal costs of selling and shipping our locally harvested trees to overseas companies to be turned into wood furnishings which are then sold back to us are unnecessary burdens. Buying local keeps money on the NSW North Coast and is the best way to create an improved, more sustainable economy.
The Supplier Database Supplier Database is about linking everyone in the region, from the sawmill to the craftsperson to the retailer and the consumer. This directory is a start at representing the local forest products industries in our region. If you would like to be a part of the directory, or know someone who should, email Trevor Sargeant at
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