North Coast Timber firms taking a lead on sustainability

Escarpment Scene, 8 March, 2013.jpgThe North Coast Timber Industry has worked hard for many years to develop a balance between the varied groups with an interest in the sector. This can be a high-wire act at times, and legislation or funding decisions by government can easily create an imbalance and unintended consequences – threatening the sector’s sustainability.

North timber businesses have taken a lead on sustainability – seeking to balance the environmental, economic, and social interests of a wide range of interested parties. It is now an active participant in Timber Communities Australia.

Government and voluntary standards for sustainable timber processing have been widely applied by business - in return, they look for acknowledgement that forestry practices have come a long way in the last 20 years.

However, the depth of change is not widely recognised. Timber is a vital material at the heart of our homes and our regional economies and its ability to lock up carbon means it is becoming more popular in an environmentally-conscious society

The North Coast Forests' Taskforce seeks to continue its communication about the manifold benefits of a prosperous timber industry during 2015