Helping business growth

medium_Image Boral (2), 9 Dec, 2013.jpgCurrently the timber /forests industry is well served by top-end institutions such as Government departments and industry associations, almost all of whom focus on ‘production issues’. Lesser attention is being paid to securing and maintaining the support of the public at the local community level, which is where forestry opponents focus much of their work.

Opponents have engineered a now-ingrained cultural distrust of, and outright opposition to, forestry in most communities. A lack of a more direct industry-community interface and increased engagement is believed to be ‘the missing link’.

The experiences to date of the North Coast Forest Taskforce shows the importance of cultivating and maintaining awareness at the community level through positive stories about the ‘real’ people who work in the industry, the high technology processing and modern sustainable forest management undertaken in accordance with the highest level of environmental standards.

No doubt active community engagement will enable the industry to more effectively deal with issues proactively rather than continuing to react adhoc to issues as they arise in media.

The North Coast Forests Taskforce is constantly on the lookout for leads about good stories about the industry. If you would like your North Coast Timber business to appear as a news article on this website or on our facebook site please talk to us on