Wood-fired renewable future

medium_Image Andreas Rothe, 13 Jan, 2013.jpg Professor Andreas Rothhe, who teaches at the University of Applied Sciences, Weihenstephan in Germany notes the huge gap in the way forest biomass is valued and used in Australia in comparison with Europe.

Bavaria for example, Professor Rothe's home state has less forest than even Tasmania but industry is encouraged to make far greater use of the WHOLE tree, including post-harvesting and processing residues. Professor Rothe notes that forest biomass is valued as an important source of renewable energy and its sensible use is supported by all political parties including the Greens.

"As a result, said Professor Rothe, Bavaria has 700 biomass plants. Australia has a handful only with most pulpwood being exported as low value woodchips and a lot of residue going up in smoke in regeneration burns"

Sobering thoughts indeed.