Blackbutt timber species: an ideal decking solution

Image - Boral Timber hardwood Blackbutt raised deck, 2 Jan, 2014_0.jpgNorth Coast hardwood species are an excellent choice for decking and outdoor landscaping because of their high density, toughness and natural beauty.

According to Clinton Skeoch, market development manager with Boral Timber, “When selecting a decking timber, it is essential to choose the right species for the job. Factors that will impact the decision may include location, durability, aesthetic preferences and how easily the timber complements other materials.

“Blackbutt is renowned for its strength and versatility and has an attractive blonde colour which is suitable for both flooring and decking. Blackbutt timber is naturally fire and termite resistant , treatment free and non-susceptible to lyctus borer making it ideal for the Australian climate. Combine it with F27 structural timber to complete outdoor timber requirements such as bearers and joists, stair components and exposed external beams.”

With its fire resistant properties, Blackbutt is suitable for use in bush-fire prone areas and in BAL 29 areas, as set out under Australian Standard AS3959.

Boral Blackbutt decking is manufactured from Australian Coastal Blackbutt that has proven durability in Australian conditions. Blackbutt has one of the highest Janka (hardness) ratings of 9.1 and is a durability class one timber above ground , making it a durable species for decking.

When constructing a deck, all building codes and Australian Standards need to be adhered to. Depending on the scope of the deck, detailed plans and building approvals may also be required.

Boral decking is offered in a vast range of Australian hardwood species which are seasoned for our climate and can blend harmoniously with any style of outdoor area. In addition to Blackbutt, other popular species include Grey Ironbark, Spotted Gum and Tallowwood.

Boral has also achieved Australian Forestry Standard (AFS) chain of custody certification (AS 4707-2006) for its timber products. This means that timber used to produce Boral Timber's hardwood flooring, decking and structural timber has been sourced from certified, legal and sustainably managed resources. The Australian Forestry Standard Scheme also has mutual recognition by the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Scheme (PEFC) - the world's largest forest management certifier.