Introducing new GM, NSW Forest Products Association

medium_Maree McCaskill, 5 Nov, 2013.jpgWith the impending retirement of Russ Ainley in December 2013, Maree McCaskill has joined the NSW FPA as the new General Manager. Maree has considerable experience in managing peak industry bodies/membership organisations that represent their members at state and federal level and has often been in the hot seat with the media. Her previous roles have been as CEO of the national bodies for the cotton industry, leather, hides and skins industry, beverage industry and her last 7 years with the publishing industry. She has previously chaired the R&D corporation for wool, a director of the Zoological Parks Board of NSW and in her early career was the Deputy Director of the RSPCA NSW. Maree has been a writer, commentator and presenter for newspapers, magazines, radio and television.

All of us involved in the North Coast Forest's Taskforce are appreciative of the outstanding effort Russ has contributed to nurturing the growth of the NSW Forest's industry over many years and during turbulent times. Russ, we are sincerely appreciative of your considerable efforts and dedication to this outstanding industry. Thank you