Importance of Environmental Accreditation

AFS, PEFC logo, 31 Jan, 2013.gifQuality is whatever the customer thinks it is! However often there is a substantial gap between whatever the producer might think quality to be and how it is perceived by the customer. This dislocation upsets many business relationships.

In a recent article in Timber and Forestry News, Evan Rolley, former chief of Forestry Tasmania said Australian timber firms must look at the factors that are influencing potential new customers and pitch any proposals in terms of benefits to them.
Evan Rolley has been working in Asian markets for more than 30 years and believes sentiments have certainly changed during this period. " China for instance is trading with Europe and the Americas and there is concern there among producers and customers that there must be clear signs of environmental certification to support wood products. "
"There is little doubt in our minds that eucalypts have a real market advantage in terms of strength and durability and general engineering performance in some applications such as flooring and stairwells. "
"However none of these markets can be fully realsied unless we have environmental credentials as part of the package"

Those in the strongest position have dual AFS and PEFC certification as possessed by industry members of the North Coast Forests' Taskforce