Old growth just doesn't grow on trees

medium_FPA Conference Dinner Guests, December, 2012.jpgAfter 39 years of dedicated service to the NSW timber industry, Russ Ainley, OAM, Executive Director of the NSW Forest Products Association, has announced his plans to retire.

"Russ has been a great friend and supporter of the North Coast Forest's Taskforce and while we fully understand his plans to ease back and retire from the FPA, he will be an enormous loss to the industry" said Taskforce Coordinator, Trevor Sargeant. "No-one associated with forests in NSW can thank Russ enough for his dedication, hard work and selflessness in serving this sector for so long."

Recently Russ advised the Taskforce that "I am now able to advise my decision to officially retire from the FPA. I have now confirmed my decision with the Board and we have come to appropriate arrangements regarding the official date, and how the Association’s activities may continue under a renewed leadership". Russ was awarded an Order of Australia Medal in June 2006 for services to the forest industry of NSW, in particular pursuing the balance between economic, social and environmental use of forest resources as the value of regional forest agreements. He has worked in the north coast hardwood sector and joined the NSW Forest Products Association in 1994, representing the industry on a large number of ministerial and government councils and advisory committees.

In announcing his retirement Russ commented, "During my time in the industry I have established a substantial network of good friends and colleagues, who I will not walk away from, and will not leave without substantial gut wrenching. I still have a bucket list of jobs to complete before I go". Russ is pictured second from the left with some of his good friends at the most recent FPA conference

Russ, when you do finish you will be undoubtedly sorely missed.