The importance of the Australian Forest Standard (AFS)

AFS, PEFC logo, 31 Jan, 2013.gif I bought a notebook the other day at the newsagent. On the back it read that the paper was made from sustainably managed forests. What do they mean by this?
In Australia the highest sustainability standard is the Australian Forest Standard which requires practices that produce both forest management, timber products and their transport to be produced in accordance with the highest ecological, ethical and social standards. The standard also advocates the management of biodiversity, the protection of water quality and wildlife habitat, especially endangered species.

The Australian Forest Standard has been assessed as equivalent to the highest forest standards in the world and includes practices such as building forest roads to minimise water and sediment run-off, servicing forestry equipment away from water bodies and maintaining width requirements for buffer and riparian zones.

If you look for the AFS label you can assured that the timber has been harvested and supplied in accordance with world's best practice and most certainly comes from a sustainably managed forest.