SA Relf and Sons, Buladelah - fabulous North Coast Flooring

medium_Timber flooring, 4 April, 2013.jpgThe Dorney family operates two hardwood sawmills, Newell’s Creek at Markwell and S A Relf & Sons at Bulahdelah. The Company is now widely known for its quality flooring and decking products and have won a number of prestigious awards including the ATIC Quality Assurance award (twice) for timber flooring manufacturers. Anthony Dorney says "the properties of timber offer qualities unlike any other material –flexible in its application, durable yet not harsh underfoot along with a wide range of colours and attractive features. Since timber is a natural product, it may have a wide variety of natural features and colour variation within the one species. Every floor is unique and may well vary from timber samples or showroom displays".

Anthony goes on to say that "flooring available from S A Relf and Sons are with a secret nail profile and end matched, the wider floorboards 130mmx19mm are top nailed to minimize cupping. All timber is sourced locally and kiln dried on site. The species available are: Sydney Blue
Gum, Coastal Blackbutt, Brush Box, Turpentine, Grey Ironbark, Flooded Gum and Stringybark and graded in accordance with the amount of
naturally occurring features such as gum vein, tight knots, checks (thin shrinkage cracks), borer holes etc.

This is another great North Coast timber company producing a distinctive and very appealing product from sustainably managed North Coast forests.