Swan's Crossing - Forest management and outstanding recreation side by side

medium_Camping at Swans Crossing LOW RES Rob Cleary 11 March, 2013.jpgSwan's Crossing is a great showcase of sustainable forest management with a beautiful river, camping and recreation areas - all side by side. Back in 1970, 33 hectares of land was first planted using blackbutt seeds. It has now been thinned twice and will shortly be replanted. Most of the timber has been used for power poles and other timber for the commercial market and is a commercial success story. The area is well used by tourists who enjoy the tranquility and a number of features the area. At the last count at least 10,000 visitors go to Swan's Crossing annually. Further developments are planned for the near future including shelters, information about sustainable forest management and interpretation about the area's long history. which we hope to be able to report on.

Swans Crossing Recreation Area is in Kerewong State Forest, west of Kew on Upsalls Creek Road. Its well worth a visit. The image is courtesy of NSW Forests Corporation and Rob Cleary