The "modernist' Green movement

Michael Shellenberger and Ted Norhaus, 4 March, 2013.jpgThe environmental movement,has grown stale and ineffectual saysTed Nordhaus and Michael Shellenberger in "The Death of Environmentalism" (see link following). The traditional greenie they say " is beholden to a wooly-headed, tree-hugging worldview that is as dated as lava lamps, bellbottoms and Billy Jack. This save-the-Earth brand of environmentalism, which has long idealized wilderness (as true nature) while simultaneously designating humanity as the scourge of the planet, must die so that something new can live".

This broader environmental view takes issue with the conventional 'green' view that the best kind of nature is that which undisturbed and left to its own resources. Its well worth a read. You be the judge