NSW Forest Products Association Annual Conference - Key Outcomes (1)

large_FPA Conference, 2012.jpgThis well attended conference was recently held in Sydney to which North Coast Forest's Taskforce had the privilege of attending. Over the next few weeks this column will discuss some of the major outcomes. This is the first installment:

If the industry keeps on doing what it always has it will keep on getting what it always has. More effort needs to be put in reaffirming, at every opportunity, the industry's strong social license to operate. After all the industry is legitimate, trusted, and loved by many for the positive contribution it makes to society. Products are visually appealing, easy to use, assemble and dis-assemble, species can be mixed and matched, are readily available and generally Australian made. And of course, timber can be stored in a variety of ways, including on the stump. Perhaps most compelling of all is the fact that timber produces a considerable range of other bio-products such as water, biodiversity and carbon-storage.
Consistent, disciplined and 'visual' language will be a key ingredient in all discussions with the public