The cycle of forest regeneration

large_Forest Regeneration - Greens Highway 20 December, 2012.jpgRegeneration harvesting techniques are utilised by foresters when the trees in an area have reached their full size for sawlogs. In the North Coast region, blackbutt forests in particular need this intensive treatment otherwise they do not regenerate. Modern forestry techniques and substantial reserves reflects world best practice and ensures protection of flora, fauna, soils and water much better than thought possible in the 1950’s. This means that only a small percentage of the forest estate is harvested each year in order to ensure habitats are maintained.

The image to the left depicts 3 year old native forest regeneration together with 40 year old trees retained for seed and wildlife habitat on the Greens Highway Kerewong State Forest.

The right hand image is a 1955 photo showing regeneration on Hastings large_Bellangary State Forest, 1955.jpgForest Way, Bellangry State Forest near Wauchope with retained seed trees.