Silviculture and Invasive weed control

Ian & Judith Leslight operate a Private Native Forestry Management and Consultancy business, called “Forest Restoration Projects.”

They have most recently obtained funding through the Australian Government’s Clean Energy Future Biodiversity Fund to undertake trial work in certain North Coast test spots relating to Forest Restoration, Silviculture and Invasive weed control.

“Silviculture is the art and science of forest management. It has positive benefits for your triple bottom line, Social, Environmental & Economic” said Ian

“Forest Restoration Projects assist people in protecting their forests from risks, restoring their forest through silviculture, invasive weed control and monitored regeneration. The focus is on implementing a long term sustainable forestry management strategy for their native forests.”

Ian Leslight- Silviculture tree marking_0.jpg“Our philosophy,” explains Ian “is that whilst cleaning up our forests for a sustainable future we should be maximizing the recovery rate of all privately owned timber, irrespective of the size of the operation. The top and bottom ends of the supply chain, commercial high grade logs or poles and fire-wood respectively, in between there is a good market for farm use timber, such as fence strainers and building poles.”

“The cycle of harvest, regeneration, growth and harvest again is often not swift enough when left unmanaged, this can be accelerated through silviculture management; using natural disturbance methods, weed control, ecological burning and other forms of best practice is the emphasis of our current projects” said Ian.

“While logging on private property may be an attractive proposition, there are often insufficient volumes to cover the costs of a harvesting crew. Our aim therefore is to create improved economies of scale by encouraging groups of like-minded and well trained land owners teamed with motivated youths to undertake sustainable private native forestry practices over a number of farms therefore adding value to our timber and peace of mind to our customers”.

Ian can be contacted on ph: 02 65877172, mb: 0419 250 088 or email: