North Coast Forests - Keeping Things in Balance

Trees are necessary to our very existence. It's fair to say that trees are our breathing partners for, without trees, we would not exist. As we breathe in, our bodies take in oxygen. As we breathe out, we release carbon dioxide. Trees do the opposite and that is why trees are the very best carbon 'sinks' around.

Trees help cool the earth by shading and through water evaporation. More moisture in the air means more rain and, just like oxygen, all living things need water. The 200,000 leaves on a healthy 30m tree can take 40,000 litres of water from the soil and release it into the air in a single growing season.

Most importantly trees are a natural resource that can be renewed-by the replacing of trees that are harvested for use by us all, books, shoe polish, toothpaste, decking, houses and furniture. In fact there are more than 5000 things made from trees.

The timber and forests industry of the North Coast of NSW appreciate that trees are a most valuable resource that must be conserved, in everyone's best interest. That is the principle behind sustainable forestry - keeping things in balance - when trees are harvested to make beautiful timber products, new trees are planted or regrow naturally.

Forests nurture wildlife by providing them with food and a home. Trees and forests clean our air, soil and water, and provide a place for you to camp and hike. So you can help the world by supporting sustainably managed forests and by planting a tree.

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