Maximising Log Recovery

Read more about Darrell Hayden’s high recovery mill at Telegraph Point, NSW.

As the timber industry evolves into the 21st Century it is faced with new challenges including smaller diameter trees, reduced volumes of timber and tightening environmental and planning regulations.

With these issues in mind, Darrell Hayden, owner of Hayden's Sawmill set about building a high recovery mill that minimizes wastage. In Darrell’s view the conversion of timber to woodchip is not consistent with his vision of achieving the highest and best use of local hardwoods.

Accordingly, Hayden’s operation places as much emphasis on the lower end of the market as on the high-end premium logs. Over the years we have found that we can achieve really some positive results by converting off cuts into products such as mine timbers, pallet timber and fence palings” said Mill Manager, Trent Whitby. Trent is particularly proud that he works for what he calls a true recovery mill.

Trent Whitby_0.jpg

Initially a truck driver, Trent is obviously a man in a hurry. Having proceeded through most of the practical jobs at the mill, Trent is now responsible for managing all facets of its operation from orders, production, loading and dispatch. He clearly loves his job and believes that “If you are alert, interested and willing to listen you can go quickly advance, as I have done. Sure it can be a bit hot and dusty in the middle of January but who else gets to work outside amongst some of the most beautiful forests in the country” said Trent. Currently I manage an excellent crew, all of whom are multi-skilled. This certainly takes the load off those times when people are absent or when we have high volumes of orders. At the moment we are have no less than 7 skilled sawyers which is a highly specialized trade. Trent says that learning on the job will provide a practical skill base for the mill for many years to come.

The minimum waste processes are helped by having a number automatic saw benches which can be configured to cut any length or width.

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